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      26 Mar

    Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me....etcetera, etcetera, Happy birthday to me! A day off work, series 4 of GoT and Pillars of Eternity await! Virtual cake for all :)

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      18 Mar

    Having myself a series of Lovecraft movie nights. Most look like they'll be terrible, but I'm ready.

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      12 Feb

    Daybreak was hit with big layoffs including Georgeson and Moorguard

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sersi - checking in

Introductions 16 Mar 2015
Hello! I'm "relatively" new to revival, having been an SC backer for sometime now, until Cecira told me about this game. At her suggestion I checked it out more and I'm now definitely hooked. (side note - if you want embarrassing RP stories involving her, we can talk later >.> )   I'...
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Jentara - Revival

Introductions 16 Mar 2015
Been looking at Astrarium for bit now and I’m impressed with its direction and goals. A little about myself, I’ve been playing MMO’s since the beginning…Some have lasted longer than others.  I like to pve, pvp, trade, craft, explore…you name it.  Currently still in AA, while I’m checkin...
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Nightfinger - Revival

Introductions 16 Mar 2015
Hi Astrarium! Revival came onto my radar mid last year and i quickly discounted it as another blatant cash grab. It didn't even bother hiding behind a crowdfunding campaign - the cheek!  It popped up again earlier this year after a few blog posts were up and it started to get its claws into...
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Vittorina - Revival

Introductions 08 Mar 2015
Hi everyone.   So yeah, introductions! I'm a librarian in California. I've roleplayed on and off for over ten years now, mostly in table top games like D&D, Rifts, and most of Whitewolf's catalog. As a MMO player, I love getting into the lore and setting as much as I love dungeon diving...
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Delita - Revival (PhD Researcher in Games)

Introductions 04 Mar 2015
Greetings, Astrarium!  I stumbled across the post you made over on Revival's website, and I would love to join up and get to know you all. I plan on studying Revival for a long-term project over the course of my PhD, and I intend to roleplay that within the game world.  I'm not sure wha...
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