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      30 Aug

    Just found a cave system on our home island Ridge, which has seven treasure chests in it, and seemed to go down forever. If they don't put some sort of Boss creature in there they are doing it wrong. Let me know if anyone wants to go spelunking I'll share its location ^_^

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      29 Aug

    Qalaz is back up- still on Determination-Ridge, and now with a pvp table. Adding a courtyard soon...

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      29 Aug

    My plans to build on top of mountains have been seriously curtailed by the introduction of fall damage.

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      27 Aug

    The time is almost here!! I hope to see some of you in Landmark this weekend - even if just to run around exploring caves and some occasional PVPz!!

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Back to Landmark?

General Discussion 18 Aug 2014
Good news everyone,   All combat and other awesome Landmark news aside from this weekend - we're finally going to get 5 attached claims - for a grand total of 6 combined claims! This means our original claim layout in the shape of a cross with two stacked claims for the main spire in the cen...
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Hi Everyone!

Introductions 18 Aug 2014
Hi! My name is Kasdeia ("Hi Kasdeia"). I started MMOs with EQ Ruins of Kunark in 2000, but I've been a MUDder/MUSHer for longer. I bounced around from EQ2, DAoC, Horizons, you name it. I eventually settled in City of Heroes for 8 long years, but... well... you know. Anyways, EQNext looks like it'...
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Could anyone still use some Landmark beta keys?

General Discussion 15 Aug 2014
Ellestril and I still have four to give away between us. If not, I will hunt Reddit for worthy recipients.
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Just in case (Character Idea)

The Workshop 13 Aug 2014
Just in case theres a chance Iksar are not playable at launch I was thinking of developing a back up character. I have a very loose concept and could use some feedback.   I was playing around with the idea of a Kerran (or possibly an ogre) that believes the stars foretell that he will be a g...
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SOE Live time has come!

General Discussion 11 Aug 2014
It's Monday afternoon and I'm two days from flying out to Vegas! Woot! Will be exciting to meet a few of you there. I'll be attending as press - which means my schedule might not be as flexible as others. Still, I definitely want to meet everyone attending and hang out as much as I can. I'm posti...
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