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      19 Jul

    So anyone not seen Attack on Titan yet?

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Introducing the Kerran

The Workshop 17 Jul 2014
Okay.   So I finally got around to watching the livestream from July 16th for the EQN Workshop. Interesting reveal that has huge implications for our guild (now, and especially in the future). Apparently the Kerran are deeply spiritual and attuned to the world of Norrath and also it's spirit...
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Setting Up Some Multiplayer

General Discussion 15 Jul 2014
Building off of the 6-man group and the interest in Diablo I figured it might be a good idea to set up a general thread for any games any of us might be interested in setting up groups for. I figured we could all list the games we have and go from there.   Here are the games I have: Crusader...
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[Open] Through the Tulips

The Takish Age (Landmark RP) 13 Jul 2014
Name: Ligeia Title: Magister of Moonlit Paths Location: Telluric Insight gardens Tags: Kaeltir, Open Ligeia couldn’t remember exiting the orrey after activation—but now, as she found herself in front of a very large fountain by the Telluric Insight tower, her departure was apparent. What was not...
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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, anyone playing?

General Discussion 07 Jul 2014
Same name as usual, Xyann. Battle tag is #1286      If anyone is interested in playing let me know! I just picked it back up to play the crusader. Pretty fun so far. If anyone cares to join me let me know. As they say, the more the merrier.
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Introductions 27 Jun 2014
Hello. My name is Pharisa. I hail from The original Norrath. My father was full blood Iksar Xyrexx  Vol'Tai and my mother was the estranged High Elf daughter of Master Magician Vornol Transon. Her name was Birannia.  I am a mixture of the two races and am welcome to neither la...
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