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      16 Oct

    I keep checking mumble but you bitches are never in there. Did I initiate a plague of hermitism?

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      16 Sep

    So we officially have a house in FF14, to decorate and arrpee about and such. (And to dye chocobos! Wooooo!)

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      11 Sep

    Please help - I finally started watching Game of Thrones (I've been reading it as well) and I can't stop

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Back to Landmark?

General Discussion 18 Aug 2014
Good news everyone,   All combat and other awesome Landmark news aside from this weekend - we're finally going to get 5 attached claims - for a grand total of 6 combined claims! This means our original claim layout in the shape of a cross with two stacked claims for the main spire in the cen...
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Hi Everyone!

Introductions 18 Aug 2014
Hi! My name is Kasdeia ("Hi Kasdeia"). I started MMOs with EQ Ruins of Kunark in 2000, but I've been a MUDder/MUSHer for longer. I bounced around from EQ2, DAoC, Horizons, you name it. I eventually settled in City of Heroes for 8 long years, but... well... you know. Anyways, EQNext looks like it'...
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Could anyone still use some Landmark beta keys?

General Discussion 15 Aug 2014
Ellestril and I still have four to give away between us. If not, I will hunt Reddit for worthy recipients.
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Just in case (Character Idea)

The Workshop 13 Aug 2014
Just in case theres a chance Iksar are not playable at launch I was thinking of developing a back up character. I have a very loose concept and could use some feedback.   I was playing around with the idea of a Kerran (or possibly an ogre) that believes the stars foretell that he will be a g...
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SOE Live time has come!

General Discussion 11 Aug 2014
It's Monday afternoon and I'm two days from flying out to Vegas! Woot! Will be exciting to meet a few of you there. I'll be attending as press - which means my schedule might not be as flexible as others. Still, I definitely want to meet everyone attending and hang out as much as I can. I'm posti...
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