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      22 Jan

    How's everyone been. I've been peeking in a lot, but it's been quiet. Everyone still enjoying FFXIV? I've been playing little Steam games and H1Z1 since it's been out. Still longing for EQNext though. *sigh*

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Help with Astronomical orbits of the Ro System

General Discussion 19 Nov 2014
I'm working on a write up to suggest the celestial system of the Ro system to include not only Norrath, Luclin and Drinal, but also Trorsmang, Anbeal and Cordan. I'm using Universe Sandbox and Excel to mock up my orbital calculations, but I'd like to run my numbers past your guild members to see...
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Boston's 2014 Santa Speedo Run

General Discussion 18 Nov 2014
As much as I hate fundraising, I'm running another race this coming December 6th to help support the Play Ball! Foundation; an organization that helps to provide sports and athletic opportunities to inner city children. It's a goofy event where people dress up ( or in most cases, dress down ) and...
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Introductions 17 Nov 2014
Hello all, My character in Landmark (and handle on the Landmark forums) is Arien. My character in EverQuest Next (and handle on the EQN forums) is Malokar. I'm looking for help in calculating the astronomy of EverQuest Next for a forum post I'm working on, and would like any ideas and suggestions...
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Amadeus LeClaire

Character Registry 07 Nov 2014
Amadeus LeClaire     Race: HyurAge: 17Gender: MaleMetrics: 5’10’’/210 lbsAppearance: Effeminate. Freckled. Soft. Amadeus inherited the delicate, smooth curvature of his mother’s plump, heart-shaped face. There are faint, light-brown dots present on the upper parts of his cheeks and his...
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Tirkhayl Slakellsyn

Character Registry 31 Oct 2014
Tirkhayl Slakellsyn (Torn Heart, Son of River Strike)   Title: TBDRace: Lohengarde ( Roegadyn Hellsguard )Age: 33Gender: MaleMetrics: 7'7'' (7 fulms and 7 ilms) and 387 lbs (ponze)  Appearance:   Though large and imposing, Tirkhayl's grizzled features are b...
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