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      27 Oct

    Patch day for Final Fantasy means I can finally tear myself away from playing the damn game long enough to be productive. Updates are underway.

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      24 Oct

    OKay so anyone else playing Pokemon X/Y? I need friend codes to play the safari endgame. Help me please guys *sad puppy face*

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      16 Oct

    I keep checking mumble but you bitches are never in there. Did I initiate a plague of hermitism?

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      11 Sep

    Please help - I finally started watching Game of Thrones (I've been reading it as well) and I can't stop

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Tirkhayl Slakellsyn

Character Registry Yesterday, 03:46 PM
Tirkhayl Slakellsyn (Torn Heart, Son of River Strike)   Title: TBDRace: Lohengarde ( Roegadyn Hellsguard )Age: 33Gender: MaleMetrics: 7'7'' (7 fulms and 7 ilms) and 387 lbs (ponze)  Appearance:   Though large and imposing, Tirkhayl's grizzled features are b...
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[Open] Office Hours

The Takish Age (Landmark RP) 28 Oct 2014
Location: Central Tower Time: Evening Title: Sarniel, Journeyman Architect, Astrarium Guild Tags: Open       Down twisting dark corridors, past darkened storage archives, and behind a half closed door is a small office. It is crammed with shelves, which are equally bursting wi...
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Getting Started in Final Fantasy XIV

General Discussion 27 Oct 2014
For those who have not yet joined us, here is a quick primer on Final Fantasy XIV:   Server: Balmung (Aether datacenter) Note that Balmung is highly populated and tends to be restricted to new character creation during late afternoon, evening, and night hours (Eastern). If you want to land o...
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Character Template

Character Registry 27 Oct 2014
Character Template - Copy all text between the dashed lines.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Character Name   Title: (Appropriate Guild title - delete this line if it doesn't apply...
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Racial Naming Conventions

The Storyboard 27 Oct 2014
Just as it is in our world, the people of Eorzea have their own cultures, languages and of course, their own naming conventions. The lore and translation team for Final Fantasy XIV has taken the time to provide players with an overview of these conventions:   Hyur Elezen Miqo'te Lalafell Roe...
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