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      11 Jun

    Still here! Lots of stuff going on in my RL, my Dad had a massive stroke which has knocked me for six, a restructure at work has me heading down the path of working for myself. So yeah, busy but am coping. Awesome family helps :)

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      18 May

    I've finished school and am in a period of unemployment/studying for certs. Anyone want to throw some stuff to draw my way?

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      31 Mar

    Traveling for work all week, so it'll be quiet on my end. Love catching up on what people have been posting though!

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it's starting!

General Discussion 30 Apr 2015
https://www.revivalg...system-deployed woot!
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I'm back!

General Discussion 21 Apr 2015
Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence. My 1 year old seemed to fall in love with pushing the power button on my laptop until it corrupted the computer. I can't thank him enough. The PERFECT excuse to get a new rig. So i am back with a custom built MONSTER computer, ready for EQNext among oth...
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Ola - General membership

Introductions 05 Apr 2015
Ola here... Hello everyone! I'd see me as a light-weight role-player, inspired by the adventurous. I devote my play to crafting, exploration and casting. With a wizards state of mind and feminine care. A silent type,  "seeking" to find a way to respond when asked.
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sersi - checking in

Introductions 16 Mar 2015
Hello! I'm "relatively" new to revival, having been an SC backer for sometime now, until Cecira told me about this game. At her suggestion I checked it out more and I'm now definitely hooked. (side note - if you want embarrassing RP stories involving her, we can talk later >.> )   I'...
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Jentara - Revival

Introductions 16 Mar 2015
Been looking at Astrarium for bit now and I’m impressed with its direction and goals. A little about myself, I’ve been playing MMO’s since the beginning…Some have lasted longer than others.  I like to pve, pvp, trade, craft, explore…you name it.  Currently still in AA, while I’m checkin...
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